Tjool - the presentation manager

The Slides Manager will generate a thumbnail library out of your slides and can be installed on your local workstation, in a network or in a web server. Save time with the slide search engine. Build your own virtuel presentation slides collection to use for your next presentation based on your source slides and presentations. Organize your slides and presentations in folders.
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Tjool - The Presentation Manager - PowerPoint Management Tool

Efficient search and management of your PowerPoint slides at your local Desktop or within the Team.

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Tjool is the Slide Manager with a search engine. All PowerPoint-files (PowerPoint Version 97 to 2007 and 2010, PPT and PPTX) can on different levels organsiered (folders, subfolders, presentsations and slides) and edited. Use Tjool as presentation manager and save time and money to find and generate a collection of needed slides within minutes. The search Engine is optimized to find the desired slide. Find slide, add it to your collection and download to edit in PowerPoint. Version 2 has been optimized to make it easier to use.

Tjool-Single and Netzwerk-Edition

When you are looking for a tool to organise your presentations and slides, then you are correct here.

Where to use Tjool:

  • Organize and administrate corp.-design of presentations in your company or for your customers. Tjool - The presentation and Slide manager - will help you to find the right slide within one click and to be sure that your colleages will use the correct slide.
  • You have a very important presentation tomorrow and no time as usual to build up the presentation. Thanks the overview of Tjool that help you to find your slides right away and build up the presentation as a collection of these slides into a new presentation.
  • Tjool supports you to provide slides within sales, marketing or development team world wide and colleages in Mexico or in Canada will use the same slides as in USA team. One database of slides for all.
  • Everyone in the company has with Tjool an overview of all slides for new products, sales slides, etc....
  • You have duplicated slides on your harddisk, which one is correct. You will lose time only by just comparing them. Finally with Tjool will get this organized.

Tjool bietet unter anderem folgende Features und Funktionen an:

  • Search function with a quick index to find the searched slide in all your presentations
  • Thumbnail overview of all your slides
  • Define your categories and folders
  • Quick generation of collections of slides
  • Easy to use
  • Build a new presentation on the fly out of the source slides from different presentations
  • All slides of all presentations in one overview
  • Virtual Presentationen
  • Manage Masters
  • Multi Linguality
  • and more...

Download the trial version today and try it for 30 days for free. Or you can request a demo account to try the web version.

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