FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Tjool - The Slides and Presentations Manager

  • What is Tjool?

    Tjool is a software that organize and administrate all your PowerPoint presentations in categories and folders with a thumbnail view of all slides.
  • What is Tjool Presentation Manager?

    Tjool is an ADD-ON for Microsoft PowerPoint. It contains a Search and administration user interface to organize your slides and presentations in a thumbnail view of all slides. The advantage is to find a slide whereever in which presentation it exists.This will save time and money and keeoing using standard slides and building new presentations on the fly

  • Single User or Network Version

  • How can I install Tjool Network on a file server?

    1) Create with Tjool a Database on the server by clicking the right mouse click and selecting Options in the menu.
    2) Connect Tjool for all users with this new database.
    3) Now you can add your presentations and slides to the new database.
    The User is still able to use Tjool locally and having his own local database
  • I am getting the error message 3051 after the installation.

    Tjool is unable to open the database. It is an issue with folders permissions. To solve it please follow these steps:
    1. open your Explorer
    2. Go to this folder please: C:\program files\Tjool\PpPm\PpPmEp_Daten\
    3. Copy the database into a Temp folder or in My documents\tjool\.
    4. Start Tjool again in PowerPoint and in the Options and open a database from the new folder
  • Tjool does not show up in my Add-Ins in PowerPoint. how can I add Tjool manually?

    PowerPoint XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2016:
    1. Copy „FolienManager.ppa“ to a folder.
    2. Launch PowerPoint
    3. Setup please Macro-Security that allow you to execute Macros :
         Extras -> Makro -> Security -> Middle.
         Now seek for the Add-in and add it:
    4. Extras -> Add-Ins -> Add
    5. A window will pop up. Search for „FolienManager.ppa“, select it and confirm to add by clicking OK.
  • Why should I use Tjool?

    Easy to use and quick to find slides. Just being organized. Search Engine
    - High Availability.
    - Flexible.
    - Save Time and Money
  • Which PowerPoint-Version is compatible with Tjool Presentation Manager?

    Tjool Presentation Manager is comptible with PowerPoint XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2016.
  • How to start and open Tjool?

    Single and Network Version: After the installation you will find a button "Tjool Presentations Manager" in PowerPoint in the tab Add-Ins. Click this button to open Tjool.
  • Which limitation has the trial version?

    The trial version is fully functional with all features for 30 days.
    you can proceed using the same database with the einscanned slides and presentations after the registration of Tjool.
  • Which functions and features I will get with Tjool?

    Search functions, database to organize and index all words, Zoom, thumbnail overview. You can find further detailed overview of features for the different editions of Tjool here
  • Can I scan more than one presentation once?

    Yes. You can scan a whole folder with all existing presentations.
  • How Tjool scans and upload presentations?

    During the scan process of presentations all slides and words will be indexed to make it easy for you to find the seeked slide. This means the Presentation will be divided into single slides and all texts in notes and slides will be added to the database.
  • Requirments!

    Windows XP, 2003 Vista and 7
    PowerPoint XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2016
    Installation - Tjool can be installed locally or the database on a Server

  • Tjool Web Version

  • Why do I have issues by uploading some presentations!

    These presentations contains images that will be loaded from the internet through URL links. During the upload process tjool is unable to load these. You can use the Publish function in PowerPoint to add these images as an image into your presentation instead of an URL links. This is recommended from MS PowerPoint too.
  • Can I upload PPT and PPTX?

    Yes you can
  • Can I merge slides from a PPT and PPTX in my collection?

    Yes, but you will be unable to download it. We are working on an update to support merging slides to build a PPTX-file.
  • Can I associate a goup of users to access a folder?

  • Which Internet browsers are supported?

    Safari, Google Crome, Internet Explorer Version 6 and higher and FireFox Version 2.0 and higher.