Tjool - the presentation manager

The Slides Manager will generate a thumbnail library out of your slides and can be installed on your local workstation, in a network or in a web server. Save time with the slide search engine. Build your own virtuel presentation slides collection to use for your next presentation based on your source slides and presentations. Organize your slides and presentations in folders.
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Tjool Tjool Tjool

Tjool Features

Function Single User Network Web / Enterprise
Search function
Global Search within all presentations Yes Yes Yes
Full text search Yes Yes Yes
Search depends on permissions of the user No No Yes
View function Single User Network Web / Enterprise
Presentation thumbnail overview Yes Yes Yes
Zoom function Yes Yes Yes
Slide view in high resolution Yes Yes Yes
Handling Single User License Network Web / Enterprise
Opening collection of slides or whole presentation directly in PowerPoint Yes Yes Yes
Selecting slides per DRAG&DROP No No Yes
Opening presentations directly in PPT or PPTX in PowerPoint Yes Yes Yes
Add selected slides or presentation to current -
Yes Yes No
Select single slide and build own collections Yes Yes Yes
Create virtual Presentations, it means building links
to different source slides in new generated Presentations.
The result is a virtuell presentation. When the source slide has
been changed, then the virtual presentation will be changed.
Yes Yes Yes
Administration function No No Yes
Administration of Word and PDF files No No Optional
Overwrite existing presentations Yes Yes Yes
Scan a whole folder with couple of presentations Yes Yes No
Additional functions Single User Network Web / Enterprise
Create, Delete, Rename, Move
Yes Yes Yes
Add and Delete of Presentations Yes Yes Yes
Create, Delete and Edit Users No No Yes
Administration of users and their permissions No No Yes
Administration of multi masters Yes Yes No
Final slide in the downloaded presentations No No Yes
Master slide als Master for collections Yes Yes Yes
System requirments Single User Network Web / Enterprise
PowerPoint XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 Yes Yes Yes
Support of PPT or PPTX Yes Yes Yes
Supporting POT for Master files Yes Yes Optional
User's Operating System: Mac No No Yes
User's Operating System: Windows XP, Vista and 7 Yes Yes Yes
Local Installation is required Yes Yes No
Usage and recommendation Single User Network Web / Enterprise
Users 1 2-25 higher than 25